Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Run the MySQL Query Through the Command Prompt?

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  • To run the query directly from the command Prompt:
    mysql –u[Username] –p[Password] -e "select * from tbl_emp where emp_id=2" [DataBaseName]
    -e’ :- execute the query
    Even we can store the result to file
    mysql –u[Username] –p[Password] -e "select * from tbl_emp where emp_id=2" [DataBaseName] > D:\test.log
    To run the Sql Queries file through the command prompt:
    The sql file can contain any kind of quires like select/update/sp call etc…
    mysql –u[Username] –p[Password] –h[IP Address] [DataBaseName] < "D:\Test.sql"
    To store the output to log/text file:
    mysql –u[Username] –p[Password] –h[IP Address] [DataBaseName] < "D:\Test.sql" > "D:\Test.log"
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