Thursday, October 1, 2009

How To Remove Or Style The Label Count in Blogger

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Default label widget will have an automatic count of the number of posts having that label tag.Some people not interested to display the label count.
if you want remove the label count,or you want to change the brackets to Any text or curly brackets or something else.

let's see how to remove or change the display style,remember to back up your template.

1.Layout >> Edit html >> Checked the 'Expand The Widget' box

Find (CTRL+F)The Following Code


2.If u want remove the label count completely just remove the above piece of code,or else if u want change the style of posts count into following ways

(<data:label.count/> Posts) Displays like Blogger(10 posts)
[<data:label.count/>] Displays Like Blogger[10]
-<data:label.count/> Displays Like Blogger-10

3.Save the Template and see the blog
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