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Introduction to Microsoft .NET

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Introduction to Microsoft .NET

  • A new platform for building Internet applications and Webservices
  • Contains runtime, messaging, services, data access,interoperability, HTTP services, ASP+, and more
  • Supports multi-language development Has a rich set of internet-supporting technologies
  • A common class library with a standard set of classes whichall inherits from a base class called Object
What Does .NET Give You?
  • Data access
  • Functionality of the Win 32 API that is accessible through a
  • simple object model
  • The VB language has been upgraded
  • C#
  • Memory management
  • Programming languages have been moved closer together
  • Assembly
  • the Common Language Runtime (for support of other programming languages)
  • A collection of components that provide support for networking, security, and other "base" services commonly needed in distributed applications
  • Windows Forms (WinForms) and Web Forms, rich Windows user interface components
  • ASP.NET, a new version of Active Server Pages
  • ADO.NET, new data access objects in the tradition of the original Active Data Objects
  • XML Suuports
The .NET framework

Languages Supported by .NET

C# , C++ ,VB, JScript,Standard ML, SmallTalk, Scheme, Python, APL, Cobol, ComponentPascal,Eiffel , Haskell, Mercury , Oberon,Perl....
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