Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs HTC 8X : Winner Lumia 920

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Here we are going to compare HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 windows phone flagship models of HTC and NOKIA.We already wrote about Why Nokia Lumia 920 Worlds Most Innovative Phone?
Windows Phone 8 is best mobile OS
  • Fluid and Seamless experience.
  • Best integration of social networks (Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn).
  • IE10 (Common don't think abt old experience of IE,try once now IE10).
  • Camera apps(Apps integration into cam).
  • Most of the information right on ur home Screen.
  • Backup and Sync (Apps, Contacts, Photos, Videos, SMS).
  • I prefer Windows over Android(My first smartphone was Android).

  •  Now Compare 8X and Lumia 920:
    920 : 332 PPI, Supper sensitive touch screen, Clear black tech, Past refreshing rate...
    8X : 341 PPI.
    There is not much difference b/w PPI ,but lumia sports additional futures.

    Winner : Nokia Lumia 920.
    Design & Build :
    920 : Unibody polycarbonate, 70.8x130.3x10.7mm, Weight 185 g.
    8X : Unibody Polycarbonate, Size 66.2x132.35x10.12 mm , Weight 130 g.
    Except weight both are smiler in size but 8X sports more curved edges,we fell more thinner than 920.

    Winner : HTC 8X(thinner edge).
    Storage :
    920 :1gb RAM, 32gb version.
    8X : 1gb RAM, 8gb ,16gb versions.
    Both are doesn't have expandability.

    Winner : Nokia Lumia 920.
    Camera :
    920 : 8.7MP with OIS(nokia Pureview camera).
    8x : 8MP
    Here 920 has great capabilities like,taking low light images,more stable videos,but day light image colors are good in 8x(but nokia working on s/w update to fix the issue).

    Winner : Nokia Lumia 920.
    S/w and Apps :
    Both are running on WP8 but nokia lumia series sports with more exclusive apps like city lens,nokia transit, nokia drive and more.

    Winner : Nokia Lumia 920.

    Then think yourself and go for which one u like but i suggest lumia over 8X,Both are great phones no doubt in that.

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    Respects for your's Questions & Opinions

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