Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why Nokia Lumia 920 Worlds Most Innovative Phone?

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Nokia Lumia 920 Most innovative phone on globe right now, Let's check out why?

1 : 8.7 MP cam with Pure view and OIS.
Lumia 920 Flicker Gallery

Lumia 920 low light shootout

Lumia 920 OIS capability comparison with iPhone 5

Nokia CEO Stephen interview captured with Lumia 920

2 : Pure motion Display with 332 PPI(Pixels per Inch).
iPhone 5 has 326 PPI.
Samsung Galaxy S3 has 306 PPI.

3 : Super sensitive resistive touch screen.

4 : Inductive charging(Wireless Charging).

5 : Award wining polycarbonate uni body construction(survive after several drops).
let's Check out list of awards won by Lumia 900,Lumia920 also has same design and construction.
6 : Nokia City Lens,Music,Maps,Drive,Transport,Parking and more stunning Apps.

7 : Finally It's Nokia(trust) Man.
Check out entire keynote of event held on 5th-spt-12.

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